Biography 1955-1964

Bruce Haack from 1955-1964

Commissioned Music: Les Etapes (music concrete). A 3 movement ballet scored for electronics, soprano and violin. Commissioned by Belgian TV. Choreographed by Valentina Belova and originally danced by Maurice Bejart’s Ballet of the 20th Century. Possibly created 1954 or 1956.

Taped Composition: Lullaby For A Cat (music concrete)
Created on a Wollensak tape recorder. A master tape of this composition exists.

Published Pop Song: Tommy, Mark Records Published Pop Song: Miranda, Mark Records
Sputnik Launched by USSR

Published Pop Song: Satellite, Coral Records, Teresa Brewer
Published Pop Song: I like Christmas, Coral Records, Teresa Brewer

Published Pop Song: Sea Shell, Coral Records, Teresa Brewer

Published Pop Song: So I Said Dot Records/Milton DeLugg And His Orchestra
TV Appearance: I’ve Got A Secret, CBS Gary Moore with Bill Cullen, Henry Morgan
Carol Burnett celebrity guest
Bruce played his Dermatron electronic instrument on Ted Pandels forehead while Ted played a song on the piano “Jet, My Love”

Broadway Show: How to Make A Man, Opened 2/2/61, Brookes Atkinson Theatre
Incidental music and title song.
Starring Tommy Noonan, Barbara Britton, Peter Marshall, Vicki Cummings

Off Broadway Show: The Kumquat in the Persimmon Tree (Sept?/June 1962?) Lyrics by Charles Copenhaver

Windsong Composition for Orchestra (Not sure of year). Performed by Calgary Sympony during 60’s.
Mass For Solo Piano Solo piano composition. Premier performance at Carnegie Hall, pianist Praxiteles Pandel
LP Dance Sing and Listen Released on Dimension 5 First of Dim 5 series

Mass For Solo Piano Performed by Praxiteles Pandel at Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
LP Dance Sing and Listen Again released on Dimension 5
Taped Composition: Garden Of Delights. An incredible work mixing Gregorian chant with electronic music. This work was never released or broadcast in its entirety. Bruce enjoyed playing this tape for friends and was extremely proud of the work. Tape exists and planned for future release.