Biography 1965-1974

Bruce Haack from 1965-1974

Note: Bruce wrote and produced many radio commericals before and during this period that are not listed here. When and if they become available we will add sound bytes/info.

Gloria for Solo Piano Premiered Jordan Hall, Boston, pianist Praxiteles Pandel and later Brooklyn Musem and Town Hall, New York City
TV Appearance: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, NBC Bruce plays Dermatron
TV Appearance: The Mike Douglas Show, network Bruce plays Dermatron
Dance Sing and Listen Again & Again released on Dimension 5

TV Appearance: I’ve Got a Secret, CBS With Steve Allen Guest Victor Borge played the Dermatron on 12 girls, each ‘pitched’ chromatically
TV Appearance: Merv Griffin’s Play Your Hunch, NBC Ted Pandel plays forehead of friend Joan Milkson.
Radio Documentary: Bruce Haack Music Maker, WBAI Chris Albertson interviewed Bruce and sampled works including sections of 3 majors works; Les Etapes, Mass for Solo Piano and Garden of Delights


The Way Out Record For Children released on Dimension 5
Commercial: Parker Brothers “Booby Trap”
Agency: Badger, Browning & Parcher(Boston)
Commercial: Phillips 66 Tires “What’s Out There?”
Agency: J. Walter Thompson

The Electronic Record for Children released on Dimension 5
Commercial:Goodyear Arriva Tires
Commercial: Kraft Cheese “Once Upon A Time” Date 1/23/69
Commercial: Stevens Utica No-Iron Sheets, (approx 1969)
Agency: Laroche,McGaffrey and McCall
Commercial:Lincoln Life Insurance (3 ‘spots’)
Agency: Pelican Films

FM Guide Magazine Review of Electric Lucifer plus editorial
Electric Lucifer released on Columbia Records
Bruce Meets Electronic Music Pioneer Raymond Scott (might have been in 1970). Apparently, the release of Electric Lucifer led to the introduction of the two.

Bruce worked with Scott’s Electronium and was given a Clavivox keyboard instrument which Bruce gave to the 17 year old Harry Spiridakis, then a student at the High School of Music and Art in New York City. Pleaes visit the Raymond Scott web site.

Together released on Dimension 5
School Music Book: Exploring Music 8 (eighth grade method book)
Lyrics and Music from “Program Me”
Electric Lucifer (LP), 1971, Columbia Records

Dance to the Music released on Dimension 5
Bruce moves to West Chester, Pennsylvania to join his friend
Ted Pandel.

Captain Entropy released on Dimension 5
Teacher Magazine – Piano arrangement and Lyrics to “The Friendship Song”
from Dance to the Music, Dimension 5

This Old Man released on Dimension 5
Commissioned Music: The Witches Vacation Scholastic Magazine/Records
Commissioned Music: Clifford the Small Red Puppy Scholastic Magazine/Records