I met Bruce Haack in New York City in 1965 while studying the piano.

B. May 4, 1931 – D. Sept 26, 1988

Bruce had been living in Manhattan for 13+ years. He came from Alberta, Canada in 1954 to study composition with Vincent Persichetti at the Julliard School and then stayed on in New York working as a musician and composer.

Before 1966 Bruce had started building his own electronic instruments and using them for his own compositions and to create radio and TV commercials. In 1963 his first record for children, Dance Sing & Listen (Dimension 5) was recorded and produced in his home studio on West 72nd street in Manhattan.

Listening to Bruce’s latest creations in his home studio full of tape recorders, circuit boards and “instruments in progress” was always a special treat.

Bruce was a strong believer in the power of music to communicate to children and adults. His hard work and dedication is obvious if you take the time to listen to the range of records spanning two full decades.

Around 1968 Bruce talked about a time when all people would create and share their music ELECTRONICALLY without record company involvement. In this techno-future, we would all share music and communicate with it directly from from mind to mind/soul to soul. This fantastic prediction always stuck with me and now the world is closer to this goal.

So here is Bruce’s music and story on the Internet. Explore, Dance, Sing and Listen and enjoy.

Harry Spiridakis, Philadelphia, PA July/2000